I bought overalls the other day.

I saw them in a shop’s Instagram post, and I wanted them because cute overalls are hard to find.

Knowing the overalls came in sizes S-2XL, I figured I’d need a large. I’m pretty used to wearing clothes in that range.

You know what they say about assumptions, right?

I picked up a large pair, and they were RIDICULOUSLY SMALL. I think the last time I could have worn them was seventh grade when I had no hips.

I picked up the XL pair, but they still looked tiny. I grabbed the 2XL pair, thought “surely not,” and took them both to the dressing room.

The XL pair did not fit. Again, hips. So I sucked up my pride and put the 2XL pair on. They fit. (Actually, they were still pretty tight.)

My ego was broken.

But you should know that I’ve been looking for a cute pair of overalls for a LONG time. I really didn’t care what the tag said. They fit, and I was going to get them.

The lady who sold them to me commented on how cute they were. I said, “Yeah, but I could deal without them being a 2XL.” She said they were shipped from an overseas retailer. I guess that explains the whack sizing.

I consider myself to be an average-sized human. I’m not thin, and I definitely enjoy ice cream and espresso drinks too often. Just kind of average.

In my closet, I have several pairs of jeans, shorts and skirts. Of those, I have sizes eight, 10, 12, 14, 14/16, M, L, and 29/8 (whatever that means.) Every single one fits.


Who makes these sizes up? I wear a lot of Old Navy clothes, but I wear everything from a six to a 14. The only difference is I bought the clothes during different seasons. When I go to buy a pair of pants or shorts, it’s only luck if I pick a size that actually fits. Usually there’s a lot of looking at the garment and eyeball-ing it to see if I think it’s closest to my size.

So who really cares what the number says?

Some of my favorite clothes have labels that sound a little higher than I’d like them to, but they fit the best. I’d rather wear a size XL shirt that fits me well than a size medium that stretches in all the wrong places.

And seriously, that XL may have been a medium at some point.

Wear what you want. Don’t let a size deter you from wearing what flatters your body.