Welcome to senior year


The senior slump is real, but you have seven papers to write.




To the college freshman



“There should be a Hunger Games-style cannon each time a freshman drops out of pre-med.”

I remember reading this somewhere just before I started my first year of college. At the time, I was on a pre-pharmacy track majoring in chemistry. I wouldn’t be that person to change my major.

And then I found myself hating my biology and chemistry classes. Mind you, they were Chem and Bio I, but I hated them. Labs were the worst part of my week. I had no interest in what I was doing. Not to mention I was stressed about more years of that Krebs cycle-induced nightmare.

My saving grace that first semester was taking English and debate classes. I felt in control of what I was doing and learning in them. I liked to say what I thought. I loved presenting ideas and using facts to support them. Those classes made me feel excited about learning.

I changed my major in October of my first semester.

Incoming freshmen, please don’t think you have to keep the major you declared when you applied to college. Please don’t continue on a path that makes you physically and mentally sick. Please don’t think you won’t be or are better than that person who drops out of pre-med/pharm/engineering/whatever.

You are about to become a totally different person than you were the day you hit “apply” with your parent over your shoulder making sure you filled out the college application correctly.

You are about to take courses that will challenge you to think in new ways.

Embrace the general education classes that seem to have nothing to do with your declared major. They may inspire you to look at new paths.

Try a random class just because it sounds fun. You may actually like making pottery (although my roommate hated it, and we spent a full semester complaining about her class. Roomie bonding, yeah?)

Just don’t go in thinking, “This is what I’m going to do. I will not change my mind. Don’t tell me my declared major will be different by next fall.”

Have fun out there, pre-med students. As for me, I’ll stick to the words.

BOOM. (That’s my Hunger Games-style cannon going off for being a pre-pharm drop out. Or maybe it’s just a mic drop?)