Long time, no see. Like Ross Geller, I’ve been on a break from this blog. Between my East Tennessee Eats blog and school in the spring and now tackling two summer jobs, blogging here hasn’t been a top priority. 

Here’s a bunch of photos from my summer vacation* so far. 

*Definirely not a vacation. 

There’s been lots of coffee. 

Photographic evidence that I have seen one movie this summer. We saw “Baywatch,” and it really wasn’t terrible even though I was embarrassed to see it. 

This is from my day at Grandfather Mountaon. I went for a story for the newspaper, but stayed a little while extra and had myself a date for one. 

All the food. Trying new places in Boone. 

We had a photoshoot. 

I was able to see a play and a musical on two consecutive weekends. 

So that’s what I’ve been up to this summer (without boring you about all the work details.) 

Anyone have exciting plans? 


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