Let’s go ahead and state my personal bias: I am a home body and can’t believe other people aren’t.


At the start of the semester, I saw someone’s tweet about how anyone who goes home on the first weekend of school has “a problem.” I particularly enjoyed this because it was from a freshman who had only been at school one week. Yeah, of course you think college is all sunshine and rainbows; you haven’t actually gone to college yet.

I go home every week not because I hate being at school, but because I really like being with my family and puppy. I want to sit on my couch and sip coffee while writing papers on the weekend. I like eating meals cooked by my mom. And judge me if you must, but I like washing clothes in my house where I don’t have to worry about someone stealing them.


Both my closest friend and my roommate go home each weekend, so I would be alone if I stayed. I’m definitely not the type of girl who parties (which is all Snapchat tells me happens on weekends.) Besides, I prefer to be asleep before most people go out at night.

The drive for school is only an hour, so why would I not go home? Campus is fine during the week, but I prefer to spend the weekend away. I can binge watch shows and movies under my own roof the same as in my dorm room.

Some people are not about the college life. I am one of those people.

So, to the people who think you have to leave home completely to have a “college experience,” that’s fine. But it’s also fine for me to have that experience five days a week and cuddle with my puppy the other two. I don’t think that means I “have a problem.”