Quest for a Ponytail: Chapter 1

Not too long ago I stated how I could never go back to long hair in a vlog, but here I am saying I’m growing it out.

Let me begin by saying I’m already so over letting my hair grow. Short is definitely the way to go if you hate maintaining your locks. I’m just at a point where I’ve had a pixie-ish style for half a year and want to shake things up. My plan is to grow my hair into a chin-length bob through the fall (and maybe winter) then chop it all off again.

I thought this might be helpful to someone who stumbles upon my blog if they’re like me and looking for stories of hope from other women trying to grow out their hair.

And here’s the update: Two months since last full cut. Already approaching mullet territory. Ready to give up but remaining positive. Bobby pins on hand.

Stay tuned.


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